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Riiiiiise from your grave!

by on May.28, 2015, under lorem ipsum

Hello, y’all.

I’m not actually restarting this blog. No no. I’m just temporarily resuscitating it to use it to teach myself the ropes with my current employer.

Here are a couple links: This is Twitter. Yup, just Twitter. This is my Twitter. Nothing all that impressive.

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Pandora’s Box

by on Feb.12, 2010, under lorem ipsum

I have been an active user — and proponent — of Pandora since I first heard of it, back in 2006. Four years later, and I have, I flatter myself, developed a pretty decent understanding of the system and how it works. I’ve got somewhere upwards of three dozen stations, most meticulously maintained — if not always regularly listened to — and pretty good at playing what I designed them to play.

After a furious morning of refining a troublesome station, I decided to post a link to each of my stations, along with a brief description of each, so that other folks can use them as well. Many of the stations, such as “Attack of Googlebot” and “HIGHLANDER! (Mark II)”, were made using interesting methods and techniques, which I describe on each station’s individual page.

If you’d like to become Pandora pals, you can find my user page HERE. Thanks, and happy listening!

“The Fat Man Sings” – Male operatic station. Created to shunt male performances into “Fat Lady Sings”.
“The Fat Lady Sings, mk II” – Second attempt at opera station. Seeded with a Callas aria.
“How Novel” – Novelty music, from the likes of Lonely Island, Steven Lynch, and Flight of the Conchords.
“All Toby, All the Time” – A station created with some favorites of my good friend, Toby.
“Maximum Awesome” – My friend Nathan’s awesome station. The only seeds? “Danger Zone” and “The Final Countdown”.
“Fingerpickin’ Good” – All banjo music. Yes, really.
“Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)” – Think of this as a Hank Williams Sr. subsidiary of “Country for Old Men”.
“Country for Old Men” – Old-school country.
“Broken in All the Right Places” – An electronica station, originally created by my friend, Cap.
“The 4th Branch Radio” – Hip-hop with political lyrics and/or message. Stuff like Immortal Technique.
“I Don’t Mean to Harp(sichord) on It…” – The opposite of what it sounds like. 100% Harpsichord!
“(Old) School is In” – Old-school rap, duh. Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Sugar Hill, that sort of thing.
“Breakups Are Fun!” – Seeded with music from a “breakup mix” I made in 2005.
“On the Rag(time)” – Ragtime music, naturally.
“Attack of Googlebot” – The first station I created with a Google search. “Prominent accordion parts” were involved.
“Hairpocalypse Now” – My 80s-era butt-rock/hairmetal station.
“Djingle Djangle” – A station dedicated to the musical stylings of that immortal badass, Django Reinhardt.
“No Country for Old Men” – New-school, “pop” country. You can take the boy out of the country, but…
“That Green and Pleasant Land” – Folk music from the British isles.
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside!” – My Christmas station! Seeded mostly with Rat Packers.
“Our Little Thing” – Music from an old relationship. Mostly stuff like Magnetic Fields.
“The Rat Pack” – Just hangin’ out with Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dino, and Sammy baby.
“Disney & Musicals” – If you can’t figure out what this is, I feel sorry for you.
“A Small Red Station” – A station featuring some favorites of an ex.
“Rock n’ Roll High School” – A station seeded with music that was popular when I was in high school.
“Not Bob” – A station featuring some of my friend M’s favorite artists. Kate Nash and such.
“Powers of Ten” – A concept station: I rotate new seeds when it plays a song I like. No more than ten seeds.
“HIGHLANDER! (Mark II)” – Only one seed allowed! Changes whenever it plays a song I prefer to the current seed!
“Last.fm Top 15” – Seeded with my top 15 tracks from Last.fm, by playcount.
“In the Speakeasy” – Mostly Prohibition-era music, with some 40s and 50s mixed in.
“The Fat Lady Sings” – My first attempt at an all-opera station.
“Missytron” – Musical favorites of my friend, Missy.
“More Than a Feeling” – 100% 80s. (Yes, I know that “More Than a Feeling” was a 70s song.)
“A Little Bit Faster Now” – My attempt at an up-tempo station. Could probably improve with Google search.
“High-Culture Shit” – Orchestral music. Straight classy, yo.
“Badasshley” – A station I stole from my good friend, Ashly.
“Bluegrasskicker” – All bluegrass, son!
“Bust a Rap in Yo’ Ass” – Hip-hop and Rap.
“Motherfolker” – Folk music. Mostly American.
“Radio Free naporeon” – The grand old man of my Pandora catalogue. A mish-mash of my favorites.


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