"Saved By the Bell"


Saved By The Bell


zack, kelly, slater:

a sordid love triangle.

screech is all alone.


is that a cell phone?

no, a bulky piece of junk.

zack is a poseur.


screech, a friendly geek,

persecuted by the gang.

he is like jesus.


the clothes, hair, and slang:

all these make me want to weep.

stretch pants holocaust.


sad, bald principal,

secretly in love with zack.

office rendezvous?


screech is a big nerd,

always the last to be picked.

he is in us all.


happy years float past,

like leaves falling from the trees.

slater's mullet stays.


the tables are turned.

poor zack flunks his driver's test.

slater gets the girl.


all this competing...

does it hide something more dire?

zack and slater, gay?


screech is quite ugly.

perpetual puberty,

permanent virgin.


ms bliss was english.

i wonder what crime she did

to end in bayside?


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